Free Security Scan Program Overview

S4 is the most innovative Salesforce security solution utilizing both static and dynamic testing. For a limited time, S4 is being offered to a select few companies for free.

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1.0 Program Overview

Trust and Security is critical for Salesforce and its customers. SaaS Security Scanner for Salesforce (S4) is an innovative product that assists Salesforce customers in protecting their data and workloads. We are selecting a few companies to do a free full security scan to help assist these companies in securing their Salesforce code, configs and runtime environment. The goal is to help companies become more secure and they will receive a complete security scan report free of any charge.

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Identifies Security Vulnerabilities

S4 identifies security vulnerabilities that pose a threat to assets in Salesforce

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2.0 Customer Expectation

The customer will be expected to set-up their Salesforce instance in S4. The customer will be expected to provide feedback during and at the end of the program.

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Enables Easier Security Management

S4 enables companies to manage security of Salesforce customizations


3.0 Customer Time Commitment

The set-up process takes about 5 minutes. Processing the results from the scan is dependent upon the vulnerabilities for a given customer. For example, if there are only a few vulnerabilities it will take less time to resolve. DigitSec will assist in the remediation process as well.

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Secures Salesforce Data

S4 identifies issues which impact an organization’s data within Salesforce


4.0 Case Study Requirements

Customers will be expected to provide the following for a case study:

  • Public comment to be used in a case study.

  • Permission to use the company’s name and logo in the case study.

  • (Optional) Provide a picture of the person giving the public comment.

  • Feedback on the value of the product and why they chose to do a security scan.

  • Do they see a need for such a product in the Salesforce ecosystem?

  • Private critical feedback and bugs we should fix to make the product better here:

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Continuous Security

S4 always on auto scan features ensure that organizations stay secure through code and configuration changes