ISO 27001

S4 addresses 6 major controls of ISO 27001 compliance

Compliance requirement

s4 control

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7.1 Responsibility of Assets

To achieve appropriate protections of organizational assets

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Identifies Security Vulnerabilities

S4 identifies security vulnerabilities that pose a threat to assets in Salesforce

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6.1 Internal Organization

To manage information security

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Enables Easier Security Management

S4 enables companies to manage security of Salesforce customizations


6.2 External Parties

To maintain the security of an organization’s data

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Secures External Salesforce Data

S4 identifies issues which impact an organization’s external data in Salesforce


8.2 Employment

To ensure all personnel are aware of information security threats

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Keeps Organizations Informed

S4 informs an organization of threats against data stored in Salesforce


9.2 Equipment Security

To prevent loss, damage, theft or compromise of assets

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Uncovers Security Flaws

S4 uncovers security flaws which can lead to data theft or compromise of assets in Salesforce


10.1 Operational Procedures + Responsibilities

To ensure secure operation of information processing facilities

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Provides Comprehensive Overview

S4 provides a comprehensive view of current security posture of Salesforce