S4 rapidly identifies threats against cardholder data

Compliance requirement

s4 control

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Penetration Testing

Implement additional security features for any insecure, required services (PCI DSS 2.2.3)

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Performs Penetration Testing

S4 uses smart fuzzing to perform automated penetration testing


Compliance Demonstration

Ensure security policies are documented, in use, and known to all affected parties (PCI DSS 2.5)

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Provides Comprehensive Overview

S4 security checks can be used to demonstrate data protection compliance


User Accounts

Shared hosting providers must protect each entity’s cardholder data (PCI DSS 2.6)

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Examines Account Configurations

S4 identifies duplicate user accounts and other security configurations (password policies, etc.)

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Access Control

Do not store the full contents of any track after authorization (PCI DSS 3.2.1)

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Audits Data Access

S4 can audit access to cardholder data in Salesforce

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Transmission Security

Ensure wireless networks transmitting cardholder data use industry best practices (PCI DSS 4.1.1)

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Audits Transmission Settings

S4 audits transmission settings on integrations and seeks out areas of concern


Secure Development and Maintenance

Establish a process to identify vulnerabilities using reputable outside sources (PCI DSS 6.1)

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Identifies Security Vulnerabilities

S4 identifies vulnerabilities to cardholder data and uses code auditing and scanning