Try S4 for free

Our free version of S4 will give you a feel for the product, and will show you how many risks and vulnerabilities your Salesforce environment is currently facing.

How It Works

  1. Contact us at and we will send you the details on how to install and use S4.

Free vs. Paid

Our free version of S4 was designed to give you a sense of the tool. Like the premium version of S4, it scans your environment and identifies how many vulnerabilities your Salesforce org is facing. However, it does not specify the details of the vulnerabilities or offer remediation suggestions. Those features can be found in the premium version.


1. Do I need to have test data for S4?

No, S4 generates its own test data for security testing. Code, configurations and data never leave the Salesforce Sandbox S4 is installed in. 


2. What types of issues are identified by s4?

Details of the issues identified by S4 can be found here


3. How much does the paid version cost

Please view our plans and pricing information.


4. Can i upgrade a monthly plan if i want to get the annual discount?

Of course! With annual plans, you receive 2 months of S4 for free.


5. Can i speak with someone about a question i have?

Yes - feel free to contact us and we will address your sales or technical queries. Our team works around the clock, and a great way to get in touch is through our website.